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Mark Wijnberg Land Surveyors, Professional Land Surveyors.

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We have many years of experience in the surveying industry, with our focus being on topographic, aerial or photogrammetric, cadastral and engineering or construction surveys.

Our aim is to provide a land surveying service that is both accurate and fast to benefit the client. Our broad understanding and experience in the industry enables us to meet these goals. Whether the survey is beneath the earth’s surface or up in the sky – we will take on the challenge and get it done accurately and in the fastest time possible. We also understand that Earth’s natural resources need to be respected, therefore land surveying in South Africa, and throughout the world, should always be done by professionals with great care.

Mark Wijnberg Land Surveyors offer the following services:

  • A topographic survey or “tache survey” is used to determine the relative locations of places on the earth’s surface, such as boundaries and buildings, by measuring horizontal distances, differences in elevation and then represent this survey via means of a map or plan. Read more here.
  • An aerial photogrammetry survey is the process of combining aerial photographic images to create 3D rendered images of land – taking different angles of an area and combining them to create a 3D image. Read more here.
  • Cadastral surveys include property subdivisions, boundary peg re-establishment, encroachment or boundary dispute surveys, and sectional title surveys. Read more here.
  • Engineering and Construction surveys include, road and rail construction surveys, pipeline surveys, building/structure monitoring surveys, deformation surveys, control, benchmark/levelling surveys, as constructed/as built surveys, volume surveys, fibre optic cable surveys, precise surveys, and borehole surveys. Read more here.

Land surveyors based in Durban, South Africa

Currently, our home base is situated in Kloof, Durban, but very often our professional land surveying services are needed around Southern Africa and the rest of the continent.

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