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Meet the team

Mark Wijnberg Land Surveyors started in 1996 and is based in Kloof, Durban, servicing Kwazulu-Natal specifically and all parts of Africa. We offer accurate and professional surveying services, specialising in cadastral, engineering, construction & land development projects.

Our professional land surveyors and experience provides a full range of services, including boundary & site surveys, land subdivision & planning, engineering & construction surveys and development consultancy.

We use the latest surveying technology and CAD software to provide fast, accurate and efficient results

Mark Wijnberg

CEO / Director / Founder

The founder of Mark Wijnberg Land Surveyors. He began work as a Land Surveyor in 1988 before deciding to go on his own in 1996. He enjoys the challenges of cadastral work and is well respected in the survey community for his reconstruction and detailing skills.

Luke Wijnberg


Joined Mark Wijnberg Land Surveyors in 2004 after a background in mapping and GIS technology. He specialises in engineering and precise surveys using a combination of high accuracy survey grade GPS positioning and theodolite work. His fondness of technical survey has placed him in some challenging environments such as 6m below the sea, to 35m in the air.