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mKhomazi River Survey – 3D mapping

Many detailed topographic surveys were required for the design and proof of concepts for the proposed Smithfield Dam (Bulwer) and Langa Dam (Richmond), all on the mKhomazi River, Kwazulu-Natal. The client, AECOM, required very accurate DTM (digital terrain models) of areas of land up to 400ha and control benchmarks placed to a very accurate degree.

In addition, 3 areas spanning the mKhomazi River were identified for future gauging weirs that required high accuracy cross sections. The cross section profiles included points within the water body, contouring the river bed. This required the usage of kayaks and specialised staff to obtain the necessary underwater information. Drones were used for much of the aerial survey work and the services of were required for 3D mapping. The resulting orthophotos had a ground resolution of 3cm per pixel and a DTM of 7cm.







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